BlackVue Dashcams – Your Witness to Everything

You’ve seen it, footage captured on dashcams around the world.  Some incidents reaffirm that not everyone should be driving, while others capture sneaky so-and-so’s that needed to be caught.

With a dashcam there’s only ONE side to the story…

You’ve been there – trying to convince your insurance company that your premiums shouldn’t increase because a “so-and-so” hit you and took off.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to have video proof to find the culprit and save you increased insurance premiums?

Learning about dashcams…

Do a search in Google for “best dashcams” and you’ll get thousands of results.  So where to start?
Since we like to be helpful, watch this BlackVue Dash Cam Review.  It will answer your questions and explain the benefits of installing a dashcam.

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