Heated Seat Installation

Beat the cold this winter with professionally installed Heated Seats!

If you’re regretting skipping the expensive premium for heated seats in your car because you’re freezing your buns this winter, Wirez has you covered. Our seat heaters are easily installed into just about any vehicle, thin and virtually undetectable, and will provide safe, warm performance for the long haul. Enjoy the luxury of heated seats today!



  • OEM Quality Seat Heating System
  • Inlcudes 1 Pair of 11 x 21-5/8" Heating Pads
  • Includes Round Iluminated High/Off/Low Switch
  • Includes 12' Main Wire Harness
  • Includes 21" Heating Pad Harness
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Elements
  • Integral Thermostat (65 Degree C)
  • Rated Power: 35 Watts
  • Operating Voltage: 11V to 16V
  • Extreme Tack Border Adhesive for reliable installation

For more information about Wirez Heated Seats, please fill out this form or contact us at: 905-576-0030