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Focal Audio Installation and Service - OshawaEver since the company’s founding, Focal has been recognized for complete audiophile sound and absolutely breathtaking audio. Each speaker, amplifier, subwoofer, and crossover is created with extreme precision and countless hours of research and development.

By using only the absolute best natural and manmade materials, each and every Focal product will have a sound unlike anything you have ever heard before. Still manufactured in the French facility that made them famous, the company is able to continue strict quality control methods that guarantee each loudspeaker leaving the factory will produce the most accurate sound reproduction possible. When Focal components are installed into your vehicle, there is an immediate separation from the sound of Focal and all the others loudspeaker companies.

With a Dedicated OE product made for BMW, VW and Mercedes Benz vehicles For a true audiophile sound, you can put your trust in a company that has the history to back up its claim. After winning countless awards from all across the world, Focal has developed a reputation of superior audio.

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